News Release: Brett Yarris added to Expert Town Hall Panel

10/24/2017- Brett Yarris, President and CEO of BioKinetix Fitness Technology , has been added to the expert panel for a Town Hall discussion about services and resources for Adults with Autism.

Joining Brett on the panel are Patrick Paul of the Anderson Center for Autism, Stephen Day and a representitive of Littman Krooks.

All panelists will be discussing the impact their services can have on Adults with Autism (Life insurance, financial wellness, employment, health and wellness) as well as taking part in a larger discussion on the state of services and resources for adults and what can be done to improve access.

Yarris will specifically be talking about health risks for adults with Autism and how the current culture of Health and Wellness in society needs to include these adults. Also, how parents and care givers can help in taking part in these services.

The Town Hall is being presented by Autism Speaks and is being held at the Crown Plaza in Danbury, CT on October 28th at 9:30 am. The event is free but registration is required.

Register here: Autism Speaks Town Hall


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